Wednesday, February 15, 2006, 12:51 PM
So this past weekend I went up to Aberdeen to see a mate, I was expecting a fairly debauched drunk weekend where whiskey would feature predominately... How ever this was certainly not the case.

So anyway started from Leeds about 1ish after my class and took us like 8 hours to get there going by some dumb route the RAC recommended .. I have admit thought it was a lot more picturesque then the motorways are it didn't help me feel any less car sick. Anyway we crossed the Scottish border just after sun set it was stunning ...
The picture doesn't really do it justice but it is proof I suppose. I think I would have enjoyed it a hell of a lot more if I wasn't freezing and I hadn't been sitting in a car for like 5 hours.. and along the way stopped by a lollipop lady.(Again .. never use the RAC route planner).

So we got up to Aberdeen about 9:30 ..which wasn't too bad considering we stopped for food on the way, but here is where the RAC route planner truly fell through ..and hence we were lost for about 45 min ringing the only person we know in the city .. but he was little help as he doesn't drive.

The first night was aright, the city is not amazing but decent, pub and bars we went to were nice .. but I was indifferent to them as I think they are the same as every other city.. and you have loads of dopey emo kids running around... indie and emo .. the youth today I swear.

The thing I have to say about Aberdeen is that over all I don't think the populous as a whole is very pretty .. Now I am not saying that the place is full of ugly people .. I am just saying the standard of pretty is lower then in leeds say. They do have the accent thing working for them though which is prob how they breed. eg. A girl of mediocre looks will approach you .. you are not really too bothered.. but once she starts to speak here attractiveness count goes up a thousand points and you will do nigh anything to make her not go away.

The next morning we discovered that none of the whiskey distilleries were open for tours hence my mater plan was broken. So other plans had to be made. Now understand this is winter ..and I believe aberdeen is not exciting in the summer ..the winter is much worse... Any way we went into the town center again to grab some lunch. Look at the town
There is no color .. it is amazing .. so we eventually found a pub - Ma Camerons. Which wasn't bad .. lots of food for a good price .. a nice ale called Dark island (yes I realise it is the first meal .. but I am on vacation) .. rugby on the telly and haggis in my plate. I was happy for the moment.

Belly full and the cold air nipping at our ..hmm.. everything we truged off to the beach via the docks. The docks were disappointing .. I saw no rancid hookers ..no illicit gambling dens ..only a bunch of cranes.
So we continued on following signs marked "fun beach" ... I believe the universal sign for crap is preceding the name with "fun" ..yet alas I was not able to test my thoery because the fun beach was closed. A truly heart breaking sight it was ... water slides .. ferris wheels and a rollercoaster of sorts all halted due to the winter. The rest of the beach is quite nice .. it is no seychells but I can imagine if it were warmer to be quite pleasant..

Now we had seemed to have done everything that aberdeen had to offer..so we decied to go to the winter garden .. we figured at lest it would be warm ... It is actually worth the visit ..well if ur sober enough to appreciate plants. I quite liked the arid room .. looked a lot like my rock garden in my house at home .. well prior to it being covered in crap ..dug up by the dogs and generally ignored.

On the night was the highlight of the trip ... I booked us into La bonne Bagette or barssirie or something like that ..and it was wonderful .. I had a thai green curry Scottish mussels, wolf fish poached in Pernotte and other stuff, and a assiet of deserts all with a very nice Italian piont .. my god it was amazing .. the wolf fish was lovely ..cooked to perfection .. never had it before and it is a very interesting flavor. One of the guys who came with had a fantastic steak .. ..anyway ..that was great .. After that we tried to find a pub to try a few whiskeys ..but no luck ..every body was too full to care to got on a heavy drinking night and so we stopped ina pub for a bit and then went back to the flat .. This is where the shameful part of the trip slowly began to take shape ... I learned how to play Magic : The gathering and sadly .. I think I enjoyed it ..it is the most complicated game ever .. it is a pokamon for adults. god help me I am a geek.

The next day wasn't great .. we went to a couple of castle out side aberdeen .. though I think we picked the smallest possible ones the first at lest looked like a castle .. if somewhat miniature but the one we went to after .. my god .. it was pink
.. I am running out of steam on this entry so am wrapping this up now .. we went back to the flat ..played more magic .. I am ashamed to say it .. but that was the best part of the day ..coupled with playing the greatest game of all time .. soul caliber on the PS2.

That night we went for dinner @ The Ashvale fish restaurant supposedly one of the best in Aberdeen ..and now apperently a steak house ... it was certainly neither .. the steaks were over cooked .. the batter was bland .. and the fish was mediocre ..

then spent 7 hours on the road on monday ... I may go back.. maybe ..