Sunday, April 23, 2006, 01:25 PM
Hitchen ..well there is not a lot to say about hitchen. It is a typical country town, though I believe some where near by is the amazon offices but apart from that I can't really say much about it . To be fair during the time I was there everyone I was with would quickly suggest leaving it.

So anyway I got to have a little look round the city, my friend Sophie showed me around. Hitchen is typical of southern small town. It has a very small high street with not exactly the greatest selection of shops .. I kinda hoped it would have more independent shops .. but alas it seems to be dominated by crappy chains like woolworths and wilkinsons .. there were a few small cool shops but they are very definitely buried in the corners of the city. I did go for coffee but was taken to a cafe nero .. where for some reason I got 2 espressos .. both not exactly amazing :)

The apparently best thing about hitchen is the annul world music festival ..I didn't get to see it but was shown where all the venues are ..and it does have potential. Apparently there is some kind of green magic duck as well .. but this duck was elusive during my visit.

The nicest part of hitchen was the church ..apparently this is the chill out stage for the music festival anyway here is a few pics.

Is the front enterance of the church .. it is quite pretty.

Here is the view from the river .. it is no cathedral but it is alright.

Right .. just cos of the magic duck .. here is a few pics of ducks .. I was suffering for things to take pictures of :)