Monday, April 24, 2006, 06:07 PM
So when I was in hitchen , the realisation that hitchen is so small you can see it all in a morning was some what a shock .... well perhaps not really but jen and I decided to go see cambridge cos I was in the area and well hadn't seen it before.

Took us a little while longer to get there then I imagined .. I guess I always figure england is quite small so things are not that far from each other .. I guess I am only now realising it is actually quite big ...and very diverse... in any case, the drive was quite pleasant. Passed through a fair bit of country side with lovely houses and amazing landscape about.

So we got into cambridge .. it is really really flat.. I suppose if u lived in cambridge you could easily fall into the belief that the world is a flat disk .. it is quite awful.. but that place does make up for it with buildings and the uni ... so we got there and spent a bit walking around .. people always say there is a lot of bicycles in cambride but u never really get it till you go there .. I guess it is cos there are no hills ... any way here is a pic as you can see .. many bikes. Suddenly I feel like I am making a mean joke about a mate from a while ago.

One of the coolest things I found was a round church .. now it may not be like the coolest thing ever .. but I was only there for the day but here is a pic .. excuse jen .. she is normally a lot prettier .. really ..

The collages are quite cool ... I am still not sure about how the whole collage thing works but I hear if you live in these lovely buildings you have to share a bathroom with like a 100 people .. we have problems with the 5 living in our house ...eww

I think this is king's collage but I am not sure .. it looks pretty anyway so what do i care .. go there and find out if you do.

more from kings .. I think ...
One of the great parts of the day was sitting down by the river near the punts .. jen offered to punt me around ... I love her dearly .. but I am not trusting her with a giant pole and a lot of water :) so we sat down by the river and chilled out for a bit

it was quite nice
I wanted to put this pic up just cos ...
jen was taking a picture of the tree or sky or something .. it was a good day.