Monday, April 24, 2006, 08:24 PM
I went to exeter for CMMP06 .. which is some condensed matter thing for the IOP.. it was actually quite good .. I did present a rather bad poster .. it was bad mostly due to lack of results and content. God I hope I do better b4 IWCE at the end of next month.

So I attended this conference ..which I think was meant more for experimentalists .. kinda funny that I get regarded as a theorist as if I am some different kind creature. There were some dead cool talks. Ed Linfield from my school gave a great talk on QCLs and Thz imaging.. it was a shame he was followed up by some nut case from manchester who went off on one about graphene devices which I couldn't follow after about 10 seconds. Shame it is too ..cos I think I would have quite enjoyed it if it made any kinda sense. There were a bunch of other talks I liked .. the stuff on quantum computing was amazing ..at lest for me. I didn't realise any of the technology existed till this conference. The spintronics stuff was a bit beyond me but was also quite interesting.

Anyway I finally escaped the draw of physics and went to explore the town which is surprisingly quite cool. I was expecting yet another hitchen ..where in like an hour I would have seen everything. The first exposure I had was to the place I was staying .. Holland Hall ..which apparently is student accommodation .. but my god it has an amazing view ..check this out

I was just blown away .. the whole campus is bit like this .. with green everywhere and just a lovely place. I could see my self spending time there ..well this was before I went into the city.. the city is not amazing though I did find some gems..
There is the cathedral which is quite a tourist place but I seemed to catch it on a good day ..they were practicing for the st. George's day and so there was quite a bit of activity. and it was sunny so it looked amazing
One thing I noticed about it though was that the statues are very intricate .. but it seems like all the ones on ground level were not at thier best .. like thier features had been chipped away.

it was really quite odd.
But exeter had some other great things and I am quite glad I took the time to have a look around. It used to be an old roman town so all over town you stumble on all sorts of cool buildings. This place I found .. well I am not sure if it is roman .. but I think it is a great place.

IT was quite weird walking around it cos they have all these plexy glass exhibitions of things that seem like excavated ruins.. and it is dead interesting .. with some random engravings in the pavement.
On the high street it is really weird ..there is a real mish mash of building styles ... on the high street in an old roman building with a bunch of tudor or faux tudor buildings and the rest is this gaudy 70's architecture ..which just is horrible, but I believe there is a lot of construction occurring to make the place nicer.
One of the cool things I did find was a stainless steel sort of phallic statue

which I thought was pretty cool .. they engraved words in to one side mirror imaged so in order to see it you would have to look at the reflection in the other steel blade... though I think it may be lyrics from the sound of music .. but don't quote me on it.
The quay is also quite nice .. you can buy all sorts of tourist crap .. I really had to try hard to resist.

The one thing that made me laugh is they have a crossing ferry .. about 10 meters away from the bridge.
Exter has quite an odd art scene as well .. they have a couple of cool art houses and even an art house cinema .. I found the performance art center ..which had the coolest sculpture above the door

I would have gone in but it was all dance stuff on the day ..and I really couldn't be assed with all that. They did have some other cool sculpture about .. but I was lazy and just remember it instead.
I also found the spacex exibition center ..which I believe is like the modern art thing .. it was alright for all of like 15 min .. they had an exhibition by some guy .. who I forget now .. but he had an 18 min film on logging .. which was weird .. now when I sat down to see it it was pretty cool .. surround sound of logging and crashing .and noise ... but it is only fun for about 2 min by which point you have seen several trees fall down and am wondering if your brian will hemorrhage if you sit there much longer. He also had some other works which were just as weird .. it was basically taking a photo .. over exposing it .. then bleaching it resulting in this ...

Which i am not sure exactly what it is .. but I react to it the same way I do with those stupid wrinkled shirts which I want to iorn .. I just wanted to paint it white.
I did have a quite good art experience as well ..exeter seems to randomly have murals place in strange parts of the city .. one such was on the hostel I ened up staying for a night ..

Now that is cool ..and I feel .. that is great art.
So that was exeter .. I am sure I forget many things .. but hell .. you should perhaps talk to me about it :)