Sunday, June 11, 2006, 03:53 PM
Some of you will know I went to vienna for a bit so I thought I would share my experience in my usual monolog style.
As always trips away start in the airport, the vienna airport is like 20 min away from the centre of vienna .. I can't say it is the nicest airport but they have an express train into the centre of vienna which is well cool but the first view of vienna I got was

which let's face it isn't the best welcome ... Then my hotel room

for 75 euros a night it sucked. It was a closet fecking small, and look at the toilet. What is with it, the bowel doesn't drop to a center. It has a ledge, so when u take a dump it kinda sits there looking back at you saying "ha ha you might has well have taken a dump in the street". It mings. Though the one redeeming feature is the view from the outside ledge.

This is the nachtsmarket which is amazing .. loads of little shops and bistros and such all selling the coolest deli stuff from sausages to olives the size of a thumb. I was very excited till I remembered I couldn't really take it home easily.
The conference I was attending (IWCE) was cool, it was held near Karlsplatz which is a nice little park effort with a museum

It looks amazing ... the detail on the spires and statues is fantastic .. though I can't help but think ..what a waste of time .
Now there are a bunch of photos I have but I can't put everything up here so u get the best and the most interesting.
For the conference dinner we were taken to the town hall .. it is amazing in there .. very Gothic here is a wee sample unfortunately due to my camera phone all the photos came out a little blurd by the lights but anyway ...

The conference was goodish .. a lot of stuff I didn't understand and even more I didn't want to understand, but the best stuff had nothing to do with the conference.
On the sat afternoon was all the bio-nano stuff so I skived off to go see the city. My first stop was the Belverder castle which is beautiful really stunning

Now one of the things I love about veinna is that is is full of gardens everywhere .. and they are stunning .. well looked after but irrespective of this there is a mild blemish on them .. with out fail u end up with jogger on it .. it is horrific ... u ask y maybe? look

how short are them.
So after that I went into the centre and found some other cool stuff. This is a slight unorthodox monument.

You may not be able to tell but the statue is what seems like a nazi.. now I understand that a lot of people died but with the was austrians and germans feel about the holocaust and such I would think it would be kinda odd.. still looks fecking brilliant. I did stumble on to this rather randomly .. the way to explore a city is to get lost and then find stuff and in veinna this really is the best way.
Got into the city centre and went past the motzart museum, it is quite funny cos it has this odd "wing" effort on the front.
Don't really know what that is all about but it looks kinda cool when you to the top.
Now there one thing you will find amazing .. no matter where you go you will always find japanese school girls ...

makes me laugh :)
My final stop b4 I headed back to the hotel was the museum quarter which is a cool place .. loads of museums and other kinda educational stuff

This is the modern art museum. I will be adding a entry on vienna and art in the side links soon so keep an eye out. Needless to say the insides of it are fascinating.
anyway so this was my last night in the relative comfort of my crappy hotel room so I had dinner in town only to see this

veinna is quite a attractive city anyway but there is something about nighttime with a little rain on the ground, it is fantastic.
The next day I moved into my hostel. The
Wombat hostel was pretty cool .. very very clean and, unlike the skank I stayed in when in exeter, it did not smell of feet. The people were dead nice but because it was raining I only got there about 1ish basically just dropped my stuff off and went straight to the museum quarter. I went to the Lepold and modern art museum which unfortunately only occupied about 2 hours of my time each. There is only so much culture I can take in b4 I go a little nuts.
After this I went back to hostel to check in properly, chill out for a bit and went to the house of music .. now that is just straight cool. You can build ur own waltz and loads of other interactive stuff as well as find out about the philharmonic orchestra, but the best bit is the womb room. Now some of you might find it funny that in the city that birthed sigmund feud there would be a womb room... and some of you might find it even funnier that I would love chilling out in a room that was basically a giant reproductive organ ... to you I say ..grow up :-p. Anyway I recommend you go there.
It was getting l8 at this point so I had a sausage and went back to the hostel to meet a lovely girl called Ann, she was my roommate. A social worker from Aus, traveling on her own. She was dead cool .. I hope I will see her again but alas I fear not. We talked for a bit .. I went down to the bar had a few beers and went upstairs to sleep.
The next day I enjoyed the outside of vienna .. finally stopped raining long enough for me to explore.
Vienna used to have a wall around the inner city .. now this is like a couple of hundred years ago when people used to need walls .. but since the wall has been taken down , and in it's place a ring road but it still looks cool cos on the edges of the ring road you have some of the nicest buildings aswell as the tram system runs on it

I got more photos but I think one is enough.
Following the ring road will lead you to the city park "Stadpark" it is pretty cool .. you get some lovely statues and plants and such but this is prob the best view I found

cool innit ?
Further along the ring road you come to a place called the Bermuda triangle .. apparently so name due to the number of bars and night clubs in the area .. supposedly you can disappear for days in there. I am not convinced .. looked a little too trendy for me ..and expensive. Though on the other side of the river I saw this

which I love .. it makes no sense as a building .. but looks quite cool.
Further along the ring road you get to the sigmund freud park which really doesn't have much to do with him but here is a random statue in it

For those of you who have been reading for a while .. you are nearly at the end of my photo tour :)
in fact I cann't be assed to write much more so ..

boy on swan statue .. if you look close you can see his pee pee :)

hot lesbian statue action:

went out to where the UN buildings were .. kinda like an industrial estate found this ..

also saw the danube .. it ain't blue

the center of vienna is the cathedral .. with my last 10 euros I sat out side in a cafe drinking coffee watching people .. it was good.

the last thing I saw .. which amazed me no end is they have a sex store in the airport lounge.. only on the continent..

And so ends my vienna trip ..tune next time for .. new york I guess , I am going there in a month.