Vienna,art and sex (NSFW)
Monday, June 12, 2006, 11:17 PM
Vienna is like the coolest place to be a artist I think .. there is all these cool little art exhibitions everywhere .. you can walk out a store/pub/around a corner and there will be something quite cool there.
One of the coolest things I found was this little gallery that was filled with pens and it looks very cool.

there are loads more but that was the coolest I found.

If you have read the previous post on vienna you will know there are a shed load of statues everywhere, but more then that some of them are disgustingly accurate ... seriously .. look at these

Now you can understand how the whole thing works on a man .. you know .. he might have to practice his pelvic floors a lot .. for support in this case ... but with the woman .. it looks like she has actually shoved it where the sun don't shine.. and that is a little sick .. okay so maybe it is just my twisted mind then :)

While I was in vienna I attend the MUMOK museum and the Leopold museum. I guess I felt that in a city of such artistic karma I should attempt to do the same. I seem to have picked the 2 extremes as well.
The MUMOK (museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien) is the "modern art" I guess .. or at lest interpretative art. It consisted of 2 exhibitions. The first of which was the "Viennese Actionism", from the brochure it says "a term to refer to the avantgarde program of a group of artists." I thought .."what is the worst it could be..maybe some kind of cambell soup thing" .. Iwas wrong .. so very wrong .. Actionism seems to be about liberation .. but coming from a very dark and disturbing place.. There is a lot of body decoration .. paints , wraps, flour. And though most of this was done during the 1960s it seems almost overly seedy. You can't help but think this is all very naughty.
There are 3 artists featured heavily, Gunter Brus, who is very dark .. obsessed with genital decoration ( I say decoration but .. it wasn't pretty) and crucifixion. I believe one of the entrance films was by him ... it features a woman who at fist is on a crucifix, drinking various things and spitting them on to her self.. and later goes on to rub raw brains on her gentiles. I have some theory about how it is ment to be the inside on the outside .. but that is prob bollox ( I also believe that the matrix is homo erotic so meh).There were a couple of his pieces that made me laugh though. This "painting" for instance.. well I am not really sure how this follows in his theme

and this was ..well just unnecessarly funny .. excuse my reflection, I didn't notice till I looked back though these photos

Hermann Nitch was the second .. less genitals here. more wrapping .. like mummyfing ... but I looked at his wikipedia entry and I found this
which is not really very nice .. but at lest you share my trauma now :) He did have a lot of animal stuff as well .. he seemed quite fascinated with their insides.
Finally was Otto Muehl, now by this time I was pretty desensitized to the whole thing so his work , which included a bit more colour in it seemed almost joyous in comparison.
Finally There were a couple of smaller artists around I saw this ..which I was quite impressed with .. till I saw her minge hanging out .. oh well

There were some other thing I thought were quite cool, Erwin Wurm's simple statues were amazing, but on the whole actionism is not exactly main stream art I feel. You casn read more on wikipedia if you wanna ...

Next exhibition was the Nouveau realism this was just straight funny .. There was a piece by Daniel Spoerri where he he got 16 dinner guest around with their own table ware and at a point in the evening stopped the evening and stuck everything to the table as it was. It is called Hahn's Supper. He also has a piece where he bakes some trash in bread. Innovative ..yes .. art .. donno.
One of the other exhibits is this

B4 you ask .. yes it is plugged in .. no it doesn't seem to do shit .. which prob brings about the debate whether art could be functional.. but that maybe is for another ramble.
There was one piece that caught my eye and I can't remember who it was by but it involved a podium divided into 4 sections by mirrors and 3 of the section were exactly the same at an angle the mirror would reflect exactly what was on the other side , like a glass pane.. but one section was older ..and slightly different .. I liked that any rate it was better then the crushed together oil cans next to it.

In the Leopold museum it was very much more traditional art starting with the famous Gustav Klimt, who is amazing .. though everybody loves "the kiss" I think his best work wasn't displayed .. there are replicas of the work he did when commissioned to do a mural on the roof of the viennise university .. there are just stunning, but they were deemed to raunchy at the time and so he burnt them.
All the other artists were amazing , Adolfo Winternitz has some great works .. he went a little odd after his wife/partner died .. but still some stunning works esp la8r in his life when he started to use more vibrant colours. Alfons Walde .. well too many pics of mountains and snow and skiers .. but his techniques can't be faulted .. the paint gives so much depth to his pictures.
By this point I was all arted out. So I briefly looked around but I didn't really take any of it in. So here is something to break the art

ain't they cute.

The continent is amazing .. but somethings are just funny. On 2 nights I went back to my hotel about 11:30/12 and was greeted by soft porn on tv but the nature of this porn made me laugh here is a still

As the world cup is approaching they have a program which basically has women in foot ball kits of various kinds strip. The overall premise seemed to be .. have a girl in a kit of some country proclaim her fandom of said country and it's chances in the world cup .. strip .. grind against the goal post.
I love europe.