New York ...
Wednesday, August 23, 2006, 10:25 AM
Well i have been back from new york for about 2 weeks now and am basically looking for a way to procrastinate so I figure I would put the few bit and pieces up that I meant to b4. I already have a few posts from NY which have some of my better pictures here and here but there are a few photos and things I didn't put up. Of the few I haven't shown you this is the best I think.

it is out side the brokes brothers store. Across from it though u can't see is the WTC hole in the ground. I think twilight is the best time for photos.
This one in central park is ace as well ..

I was running round the park like a kid on crack. The weird part about central park is it is kinda doesn't feel like a park .. there are major roads, buildings, fun fairs all sorts running through it .. it is less a park and more like a less developed NY. I do have to admit though I love the rocks all over the shop. They are great for climbing. If you could have seen me then u would know I was from africa.
I have to admit the thing I like most about NY is the plethora of stuff to see. I didn't make full use of it during my time there partly cos I was broke and partly cos I did like hanging out at home working. I did manage to get to the Met museum while I was there which is amazing .. kinda funny in that only a part of it is american art. I can't begin to describe the stuff in the museum due to the stupid amount of stuff there but I will show u a few things that really caught my eye.
I love statues .. the way a stone can be brought to life with time and effort is a skill. I saw a bunch and I think I had a bit of a statue renaissance. The detail in some of the pieces from the knuckle bones to veins in the arms can be seen but some with just sheer simplicity grab you like this did me.

The pic doesn't really do it justice.. I know this prob say a lot about my maleness and possibly the seeming frailty of the subject my be a reflection of my desires but I still think it is a wonderful piece.
I saw loads of other things .. my first warhole, my first dali, more amazing statues but the one I loved for no real reason is the picasso .. this was the sort of intermediate of his cubism period I belive.

IT is a little Gothic which is prob y I like it but meh.
They also had bunch of ancient Egyptian stuff.. which is quite exciting, including a sort of foyer to an temple. It is a great visit.
I also wanted to go to the
Guggenheim but alas the line was long .. the price was more and the sister was not impressed so this is the best I got

though I believe one of the things about the Guggenheim is the architecture. So in a way I saw a good bit of art there :-)
That is all I really wanted to say about NY but on this trip I did go back to my parents place in FL which I have posted a pic of b4 .. but I felt you didn't get the full effect so here is (me bragging) the veiw

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