Wednesday, August 23, 2006, 10:46 AM
In 7 years of living in england and 6 in leeds I have never been to York ..which is literally 30 min away by train and is regarded as one of the nicest places in yorkshire. So Liezel (one of my flock during my youth pastor days) came up to visit so we went to York.
It would have been great bar the rain.. though the rain is a bit of a feature in York now .. there is a pub called the kings arms on the river which floods often ..and this has become a land mark to the floods and the height of the flood is marked down on a commemorative plank up against the wall. The electrics and everything have been wired up into the roof so the bar can still serve even when it is under a foot of water.

It is a nice little pub and all as well .. playing the fruit machines gets everyone involved.
One of the main things is prob the cathedral York minister it is really something I thing it is perhaps the biggest one I have seen and the archeological history to it is very fascinating too.

lovely building but I can't help but think what a waste of money. They were showing some artists work in the back. I cann't remember his name but his style was very interesting instead of using texture and flow to make his painting, he uses rectangular blobs of paint to create the painting .. thus is only works from a distance but up close is incoherent. Below are 2 examples of hie paintings I enjoyed.

The york minister piece is very well done .. the later .. nice but lacks something.
So we also went to see a tower of some sort, I forget the name but I believe in this tower an number of jews took their own lives rather then renounce their faith.

Here is another random pic .. I forgot why I uploaded it and what baring or relevance it had to the post but who cares anyway.

In short york is a good day out.. didn't cost me much.. got a free umbrella (which ever person left it on the bench near the train station.. I am sorry for your loss but u saved my ass) and had a pleasant day.